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hanare (Yanaka)


If you get tired of a super modern metropolis side of Tokyo, come to the east, especially to around Taito-ku, Sumida-ku, or Bun…

Book And Bed Tokyo


Tokyo has almost everything you've imagined, and if you are a bookworm, it must be irresistible. Book And Bed is a hostel, …

IRORI Nihonbashi Hostel and Kitchen


If you thought that Tokyo is an ultimate modern city, you must be surprised when you visit Bakuro Yokoyama-cho where has the bi…

Log Home "Mori no Cory" in Okutama (Airbnb available)


You might be surprised to know that more than one-third of the total land area of Tokyo is covered by forest, and almost all of…

Nui. Hostel & Bar Lounge


One YouTube video posted by them captures well a great atmosphere in Nui. Hostel & Bar Lounge:…

Bunka Hostel Tokyo


"Asakusa is a new Shibuya." You might think this way if you stayed Bunka Hostel Tokyo once. Or, it is okay to just visi…

Hilltop Hotel


Nobel prize winner writer Yasunari Kawabata, great writer Yukio Mishima, and plenty more writers usually used to stay at the ho…

Bamba Hotel


Bamba Hotel is a renovated old Japanese-style house located in the center of Tokyo, Shinagawa. For the people from overseas, th…