Farine et Oeuf (Flour and Egg)

Their signboard just says "Farine et oeuf," as if it's telling their attitude that "Flour and egg, they are all we need to make delicious sweets." As that indicates, one of the most popular sweets they offer is a simple sweet potato cake that has been available at the shop for three decades, and is sold nearly 300 pieces a day.

Looks really plain, but they are crispy outside and very creamy inside. Because after receiving orders, the owner Tetsuhiko Okamoto, who has five decades career in confectionery, picks up the frozen cake and heat the surface with a burner to caramelize it, one by one. Today, people eating their simple sweets say "yummy!," with or without knowing the secret of the simplicity.

Open Hours
9:00am - 7:00pm

*Opens if Monday is public holiday, and the next day will be closed.

Sourced from: http://cake.tokyo/archives/472

NameFarine et Oeuf (Flour and Egg)
Category Food
AddressTokyo 5-2-5, Okuzawa, Setagaya-ku Google Map

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