Nihonbashi Saruya

More than 300 years, Saruya's artisans have deeply and singularly dedicated themselves to making wooden toothpicks all by hand. Even by a highly-skilled artisan, only 400 pieces can be produced a day as they sharpen a toothpick one by one. Their toothpicks are made from Kuromoji (lindera umbellata), a plant rich in elasticity and with a refreshing scent. They are offered in various kinds of boxes, each made from paulownia wood, and among them, our recommendation is the one with kanji "Senryo Bako" written by hand with a brush. "Senryo Bako" means a chest for gold coins, and lots people select it as a sort of a good luck charm.

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10am - 6pm

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NameNihonbashi Saruya
Category Cafe
AddressTokyo 1-12-5, Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku Google Map

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