Kanda Matsuya (Soba Restaulant)

I'll introduce a great authority on Tokyo's food. His name is Shotaro Ikenami, one of the Japan's greatest authors, and famous for "Onihei Hankacho," a popular series of stories and historical TV drama series in Japan. All through his life, while making many novels, he was very keen to eating and well known as an epicure.

He regretfully passed away in 1990, however, lots of "Shotarist" visit restaurants & cafes which Ikenami wrote in his novels & essays. Among the places, he especially loved Kanda Matsuya and wrote as "every dishes they offer are great" and "their taste reminds me of my childhood."

NameKanda Matsuya (Soba Restaulant)
Category Restaulant
AddressTokyo 1-13 Suda-cho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku Google Map

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